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New Hampshire Teen Killed in Car Crash

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New Hampshire teen killed in car crash was not wearing seatbelt. It is especially important that young drivers and their passengers take all proper safety precautions.

Last Sunday morning a high schoool student from Claremont, New Hampshire was killed in a car crash. Police say 17-year-old Aaron Branch was pronounced dead at the scene. The car he was riding in, driven by 17-year-old Eric Simino, hit a tree on East Green Mountain Road. Branch was not wearing a seat belt.

Our heart goes out to the family of this young man. Tragedies like this demonstrate several impportant facts about road safety. First, wearing seatbelts saves lives. There is no way to tell whether this young man would have survived if he were wearing a seatbelt, but it would have certainly increased the odds of his survival if he was wearing one. Second, young drivers must understand that their lack of experience makes it especially important that they exercise all safe driving methods at all times when on the road. Staying within the speed limit is especially important.

The holiday season is upon us. Along with the festivities come the stories of the needless tragedies that occur on our roadways. Death and serious personal injury can be avoided by careful driving. Please make every effort to ensure that you don’t become a statistic this year. The New Hampshire Department of Safety website has information regarding driver safety.

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